24 December 2009

How to say Love To Friend

Ever heard the song "My So Love" belongs Zigaz band? Yep! Maybe that's what you're feeling right now, love your own best friend.

If you are a man, certainly could not hurt your feelings, but what if you are women who are affected by love?

Should just waited in vain or necessary to be expressed? Well .. If you decide to reveal to the man who had long become your friend, we will help with some of the following tricks ..

Previously he was sure that he's already knows you well and can not do negative things when you're going to express the feeling, after you do it so-so following a few tricks:

* First, be what it is. If you want to give attention, give it that far in normal limits. Send SMS, call or send an email. If he gives a response, do not expect first.

* Second, do not hesitate to take him to see. Revealing the spontaneous feeling good, too. Like, "I miss you!" Or, "Have you eaten yet? May I visit your house? "
This sentence should be spoken at the right time so that things like that do not become taboo.

* Third, after all this time with a well known personality, start gathering the strength to express their feelings. This applies when you are old enough to know him but he's still not understand your feeling.

* Fourth, to say the contents of your heart. Whatever the response, will positively impact. Why? Tell me if your love is rejected, we will only be free from the excruciating feeling of uncertainty. If he was a good man, then the relationship can lead to friendship. It would not hurt, right? Nothing to lose.

The women, have no time anymore you just wait and wait like a toothless cow for love affairs. Gather your courage and reveal just what you feel about him.

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